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7 Best Social Media Hacks To Boost Likes, Shares and Conversions

7 Best Social Media Hacks To Boost Likes, Shares and Conversions

Do you think just posting stuff on social media gets you any mileage?

No, it doesn’t!

Still many social media agency in Ahmedabad ignore the fact that social media marketing is way beyond just informative posts. It is an art. The art of communication. You must create content which is attractive and influential and can motivate a person to start a conversation or take some action.

Being a digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad, we know for the fact that a few random likes don’t work!

To get viral, you have to start a chain reaction which will snowball into an avalanche.

So, through this article, you will understand how to boost the number of shares and conversions on social media.

  1. Ask for people’s opinion

One thing everybody likes is giving their opinion on something. It is our natural human tendency. Online polls or surveys are the best way to ask for people’s opinion on anything. Even on the social media platforms also have the survey feature which you can use to get more engagement.

Simple questions such as which is the best energy drink, which nail-polish looks good on nails, which hairstyle is the best in summers, etc. generate a great curiosity and a desire to respond. These polls help you in understanding the people’s preferences and their likes/ dislikes.

The best thing about surveys is that it is not a transaction and people have literally nothing to lose if they participate. That’s why people give their honest opinion without being afraid.

  1. Create Q & A forums

This is one step ahead of the opinion polls. Again, needless to say, people like to flaunt their knowledge and give others their opinion. Giving answer fulfils a very basic human need, that is the need to be heard.

Such forums can be a great platform for the people to interact with others. And here, people reveal their thought process, which you can study and understand their profile in detail. Now you can better plan your future posts as per the target audience’s psychology.

  1. Publish detailed info-graphics

One more important thing is giving the knowledge people are looking for. If someone is looking for some information and you can give it to them in detail through an attractive info-graphic, the reader is more likely to remain connected with you in future.

Publish Detailed Infographics

Reason? Because people are impatient nowadays. Rather than compiling information from different sources, an info-graphic will give them all that they would have wanted, in a very attractive way. Remember, a visual representation is much more effective than just written information.

  1. Upload videos

This is a step further on the effectiveness of content. Videos are the latest obsession of people, and as the internet becomes faster and faster, people spend more and more time watching videos. If you see the below representation from KPCB internet trends, you can see the constant increase in the number of daily video views on social media.

Daily Video Views on Social Media

[Image Credit: Buffer Social]

It is a hardcore fact, watching videos has become the new hobby of the people, and a video has better chance to be seen by the people. It engages the mixture of all the senses through text, graphics, audio, and images.

  1. Make them laugh

Who doesn’t like to have a good laugh? These days there are new avenues for making jokes available such as Memes, GIFs, Trolls, Vines, Boomerangs, etc. Publish them and make them laugh. It will make people more open to you and help in making a connection.

Publishing humorous content also makes your impression as an easily approachable person/ brand. If you see the ads for Fevicol or Cadbury Gems, you’ll know why people remember them for a long time. Such content is more likely to be shared and talked about.

  1. Run a contest

Another great way to get people engaged is through contests. A chance to win something catches the attention of people very promptly. It allows the people to be a part of a larger game where they have nothing to lose actually.

Also, people are more likely to inform other like-minded people about such contest and you can reach out to more and more people. Of course you’ll need to give them the trophy but meanwhile, it would have created a great engagement that’s worth it.

  1. Respond and engage with people

When people try to connect with you, never leave them unanswered. That would be a loss of brilliant opportunity of conversion. Also, as I said earlier, people have less patience and even lesser attention-span.

So, if you take a lot of time to respond, the users might feel you are ignoring them and they will get away quickly. But giving prompt response makes your impression as a reliable person/ brand. You can utilize the automated responses and chatbots to manage so many responses at a time.


Social media is a huge arena and it is very tumultuous too. As a social media agency in Ahmedabad, it is hard to get people engaging through globally trending tactics. A digital marketing agency needs to have a unique communication plan to engage with more and more no. of people. But one thing is sure that if you understand your target audience perfectly and learn their preferences and sensibility, social media can give a great boost to any communication plan.

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