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The Benefits of VPS Hosting

The Benefits of VPS Hosting

In order to find the perfect web hosting service for your business you must consider a variety of important factors
There are many web hosting service companies offering competitive plans and rates, but finding the right on for you may be harder than you think. Here are a few tips on VPS hosting and how it can benefit your business hosting needs.

First Things First

For those of you who are not really tech savvy here is a brief overview of what VPS hosting is. VPS is short for virtual private server and it’s basically a way for a person to have their website’s data stored on a web server. Large websites with lots of data use these services to help them manage their files without having to set up their own server. Without going too deep into the specifics of what these hosting sites do technically, they are simply needed because websites require a web server in order be online and part of the World Wide Web. Of course you can make a website and host it on your personal computer, but when you turn your computer off your website turns off as well. In order to keep it online all the time it needs to be part of a web hosting service. Now there are a few different types of web hosting services. VPS is one of the more popular options because it is a virtual machine. This means that it functions as a separate computer designed specifically for a person’s needs.

Benefits of VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is beneficial to its users because first and foremost it is less expensive than other hosting options. There are lots of affordable VPS hosting plans that offer great deals on hosting services along with much needed technical support and monitoring services. For example the CWCS hosting company has great choices and CWCS staff monitor the VPS hosting 24 hours a day. This makes sure your website will remain online all the time.

In addition to being less expensive than other hosting options VPS makes sure that your website will remain online and error free even if other websites on the servers are going down. Most other hosting services use a sharing environment, meaning that a bunch of websites are sharing the space on a particular server. This can be problematic because in this type of shared environment when one website goes down it will cause problems with the entire server and ultimately crash it. When the entire server crashes, so do all of the websites hosted on that server. This simply does not happen with VPS because in its environment when a single website goes down it doesn’t take any others down with it.

VPS HostingThe benefit of having an individual and independent system when using VPS hosting is another great option. This sets it apart from other hosting options because it allows the user to work on an autonomous system which has no effect on the other people working on the server. You are allowed to reboot and adjust settings as you see fit. This comes in handy because many times after installing a new program the system requires a reboot and being able to do this without affecting the other users on the server is definitely helpful.

Another great benefit of VPS hosting is that you are not confined to a set amount of RAM. VPS servers give you a committed amount of RAM which cannot be altered. Other servers have shared RAM which can often be hijacked by other sites leaving you with little to work with. This slows your work down and you never know how much RAM you are going to get day to day. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, VPS hosting gives its users their own operating system. Most other hosting options have shared operating systems; this can be dangerous because a person’s privacy can become compromised. Having no other websites on your VPS server ensures that your privacy will remain intact.

What a Good VPS Hosting Plan Should Offer

When deciding between the various VPS hosting plans you should make sure that your plan offers24 hour customer support. The plan should offer both telephone and e-mail support so if there are any issues they can be resolved, no matter what time of day it is. This is extremely important for any business website that needs to be up and running in order to make money. Losing even a few minutes of site functionality can cost the owners a lot of coinage.

If you’re looking to get a Windows VPS hosting plan make sure that you have the option to choose which version of Windows you wish to use. There are a few options for Windows servers and you should be able to choose the one that is best suited for you.

Unlimited bandwidth and data transfers are also a must when choosing a VPS plan. You never want to be burdened by the amount of bandwidth you’re allowed to use or how much data you can upload to your site. This can handicap your website and cost you money. Along those same lines you want to ensure that the server you are choosing has 100% uptime guarantees. The importance of having the servers up and online at all times is absolutely imperative.

VPS Hosting Plan

Happy Hosting

VPS hosting is quickly becoming the most popular and most affordable hosting option on the market. It offers a level of independence, user-friendly functionality, and elasticity to its customers that competitors simply can’t match. This, along with its guarantee of privacy and customisation make it an excellent choice for anybody seeking web hosting services. There are plenty of great deals for VPS hosting online and by doing a little research you can be assured that you will get the best service at the lowest cost. Evaluate and analyse all of your options carefully to ensure you make the best possible choice for your business.

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