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Building Backlinks Boost your Website Rank in 2018

Building Backlinks Boost your Website Rank in 2018

When it comes to SEO, then the first/only word which will come to your mind is “Traffic”, only if you are a beginner. But, when the professional who has been in the internet marketing industry for a long time and have been gone through so much then they will never think about the resultant word, which is absolutely Traffic. But the actual word in SEO which leads you to Traffic is known as Backlinks.

Creating Backlinks for improving SEO is the fastest and greatest way through which you can boost your SERP ranking. According to recent Google Algorithm update for 2018, it will remain same to give most of the priority to those sites having a good amount of backlinks as compare to their competitors.

But wait! this is not it, if you think that you will make such great amount of links to get higher ranking in SERP rather than being penalized then you may be wrong. To make it actually work you need to know these parameters to Boost your ranking by building backlinks.

Gather Backlink Juice, instead the Air

Your main motive to build backlinks should be to gather the link juice from those sites where you are putting your site link. But most of the times the site owners or SEOs take it wrong and they write and prepare quality content for just juiceless sites from where they are getting almost none if compared to the time and efforts they have given to prepare the article/content. So you must note that the site you are building links for, should be in pretty good domain age, with high google trust and good ranking in SERP.

Create Backlink on High Authority Site

If you just started creating backlinks for your brand new site or even for the oldest one which is not pretty good in SERP. Then you need to start building backlinks on High Authority sites instead of building links on forums, or blog commenting, guestbooks and many other sites. If you do not make links on high authority sites and just only building links on low authority blog comments, guest post and such kind of sites then you are probably somehow preparing your site for getting a penalty in SERP on Google.

Get Trust, Don’t get Penalized

Google Trust is another factor which leads your site to a good ranking and it pretty much boosts your site ranking if your site has such trust from Google. Well, if you will say that you can get this trust by making a good amount of backlinks on high authority sites then it’s not gonna happen. Google trust is the thing which needs time, it can take upto 1-2years or maybe more than that which totally depends on your site niche or your competitors, how trustworthy they are on google. But don’t forget that to make Google trust work for your site, you need to make those good amounts of high authority links as well.

Use Proper Anchor

If you are building backlinks to rank a particular post then first thing that you need to know about, before start building backlinks is proper anchoring. Make sure that anchor you are making has proper distribution of branded, exact and tail anchors as well. Targetting only a single anchor on each link will also a sign of getting penalized for that keyword. So make sure to use a proper ratio of anchors. For Example, if you are building backlinks for a content targeting the keyword “Unblocked Movie Sites” then the radio should be 60:20:20 for keywords “Unblocked movie sites”:”Unblocked Movies”:”Free Unblocked movies”. This number of keywords on ratio is totally depends on how much anchors you want to target the content for.

Create Backlinks, Don’t leave FootPrints

Your goal should be to provide such content on which your backlinks is matching perfectly. Buying backlinks, or spamming on comments and guest books will leave only footprint which clearly means that you are letting Google know, that your site is not what Google is looking for, and it will reduce the trust of Google on your site. So make sure you are making only relevant links on the same niche site as yours. Even if you are creating backlinks to those sites who are not in your niche then make sure that on the page you are placing the link, should be pointing out the niche of your site. 

If you will be able to go through these steps wisely while building backlinks for your website then you are probably good to go and it helps you a lot to boost your site ranking. But Content is also must, so build backlinks for content which is worth it.