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Difference Between Mobile and Desktop SEO

Difference Between Mobile and Desktop SEO

You would be amazed to know, hundreds of millions of people were using mobile phones 5 years back and now, it almost has crossed a billion milestones. The numbers will be increasing ahead, so we should get ready to adopt the changes, Google and other searches engines had tied the knot and early described, if your website is not mobile friendly, you might get lower ranking in Google searches. And Google know started showing a bar which shows either the websites which you are going to visit, mobile friendly or not. Though entirely there is not much difference in mobile SEO and desktop SEO, there are few thing, you should care about when you try to engage with your customer’s searches using a smartphone.

Difference Between Mobile and Desktop SEO

Most of the guys’ question, we are doing desktop SEO, should we do Mobile SEO separate, this type of approach can lead you harmful results, As I said, there are differences in both the versions, but most of the stuff is the same, but differences are there.

Mobile and Desktop SEO

Search Difference on Mobile and Desktop:

I do know you are aware of the fact or not, when you search using desktop and mobile phone, top ten searches can be different ranking over both the two.

If you are using a mobile phone to search a place, destination, or a store, local searches tend to get priority. You will get Google places and list higher from any website when you search using the Mobile phone. Google’s Mobile Friendly Tester can help you to improve your website for mobile devices.

If you are running a local business, you should ensure you are optimizing local and business listing on Google.

Use of Keywords:

The use of Keywords for both the mobile and desktop websites are different. When it comes to a desktop website, the SEO guru will tend to focus on Keyword-rich content, to show the relevancy of one page to the other page.

Mobile searches work differently, most of the time, user do not find enough time to go to the Google home-page or type the keyword, the first mode searches over mobile phones are getting attention.

In mobile phones, the use of keywords and linking of one page to the page will be lower compared to the desktop websites.

Mobile SEO and Desktop SEO

Design of a Website:

The most effective and useful tip to got good search ranking that, you should care about the design of your website.

If you want to cover both the sides, you should not create a long list of drop-down menus. This can hunt your user and he/she will go back after seeing nothing appears in a drop-down or drop-down is too long to the screen of a mobile phone.

Any of the vertical thing that appears on desktop SEO good, will hunt the user on a mobile phone and do not try to post high-resolution images which high memory. As, in a mobile phone, the cache memory used to be very small, it will take much time to load the images.

If possible you should create a mobile app for your website, which is great if you are running a business which needs greater exposure. According to Google, most of the users left website only because of slow loading speed on your website. Check your webpage speed, it will also increase your website ranking.

As I have already written, SEO is all about user-experience, if you are posting stuff, the user is not able to read, or got some difficulty in reading, he is not coming back to read on your website. Use seo tools to monitor your website from each and every angle.

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