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Social Bookmarking – An Overview

Social Bookmarking – An Overview

Social bookmarking is the term that refers to optimized documenting and sharing of lists of the links to useful information. This is quite in contrast to the writing of blogs which are generally optimized for the creating and the sharing of content and commentary writing while restoring back the originality of the content.

Social bookmarking is the ability to in fact reach to millions of internet users which are otherwise non-reachable to the people. This is, in fact, the sharing of websites within the internet domain that allows the internet users to go for the storage, sharing as well as the classification as well as the searching of the internet bookmarks. In the recent years, there has been a debate as to the importance of social bookmarking in SEO and it has been studied to reveal that social bookmarking along with several other social media optimization strategies is slowly becoming a serious consideration for SEO. Social Bookmarking is the best way for indexing our website quickly.

It is, in fact, a tremendous way to make one’s post quite public, it being nothing but the collective voice. The underlying concept behind social bookmarking is quite similar to add to bookmarks like that which one is quite familiar to work with web browsers like firefox and explorer. The net users thus get a platform to publish and categorize as well as share their bookmarks.

Social media optimization in India: In the recent years it has been seen that in India social media optimization has grown to a large extent. Social media optimization in India has gone a long way in making social bookmarking quite an easy and free way to enable lots of traffic to one’s website. The term, in fact, refers to bookmarking of sites on the web and the sharing of them with friends and acquaintances. Bookmarking is all about labelling us, thus making it easier for the person to look for what one requires on the net and providing all the necessary information relating to the particular web content.


Social bookmarking can thus be regarded as the wave of the future. It is, in fact, an emerging kind of net service that caters to cent percent service to net users from all over the world. It is, in fact, one of the recently growing fashion in the world of net content writing. Social media optimization in India, thus related to social bookmarking has done a great deal in providing its service to the net users in the Indian subcontinent.

List of social bookmarking sites are:-

  • Reddit
  • Stumble upon
  • Site bars
  • Google bookmarks
  • Pockets

The above mentioned are some social bookmarking sites that are mainly used by the people.

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