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Social Networking Sites For Internet Success

Social Networking Sites For Internet Success

Years ago businesses and people were two very separate entities. As people moved around, offices cut down on socialization, people changed jobs more frequently, social networking started growing. It slowly from just individuals talking to each other to individuals talking about companies. Fans started clubs and fan pages until the companies realized they needed to utilize this phenomenon. For Internet success, you may want to utilize these sites as well, but it helps to know what sites are available. Social Media is a big platform for people where they can easily socialize with people. Here are social networking sites that are used as a platform to interact with people. They are:-


Blog is the product of Google. Through blogging, we can easily share our experience with the people. First known as a way for people to talk about life, these are now a great way to share updates and special information. Websites and businesses of all sizes are adding blogs to share information and build a loyal following. The leader in this social media house is Word Press hosted on your own website.

Light Blogging

These are micro blogging platforms. These are up and coming sites that are in between Twitter and a full blog. Often these are more casual than a regular blog as well. Tumbler and Prosperous are the top sites in this market. You can quickly add pictures, write short posts, or share a link and they are contained on your page.


Twitter is one of the best social networking sites to interact with people. In twitter, we can instantly message to the audiences. In 140 characters or less, update your followers. Let them know about a sale, a new product or share quotes. The more you share the more likely your followers are to visit your website and spend money with you.


Facebook is the largest platform for people to connect with other people. With the help of Facebook, we can easily socialize with people. Started as a site for college students and employees of colleges it has grown to something much bigger. Fan pages, groups, it has a multitude of ways to help you get in front of people for Internet success. Remember the key is giving something away, be it information, advice, coupons or whatever else.


Having videos is a great way to share more than words can say. Your viewers can see your product, hear your voice, and feel the excitement. If your product is your music then add some pictures and create a video. YouTube has grown substantially and will continue to do so. Everyone, whether he is a kid or an adult, loves to see youtube videos. Ever our grandparents also know about youtube.

Photo-Sharing Sites

Photo Sharing websites allow us to share, edit, upload our photos publically. Flickr and Picasa are both very popular. Rather than add your pictures just to your website you can add them on either of these. (You can protect the images to prevent downloads.) The big advantage is that you are creating additional ways for people to find you based on your keywords and as a social media site people are more inclined to share.

Other sites

There are also further social networking sites. One important thing about social networking sites is using what you enjoy. Find the sites you enjoy using or hire out the work. Social networking sites require being social, involving and communicating with others.

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