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(Tip!) 3 Ways To Distribute Content and Get More Than 100 Shares

(Tip!) 3 Ways To Distribute Content and Get More Than 100 Shares

You have spent hours in researching your content with all possible targetted user segmentation and niche specific trends. You have written a well-formatted article, created images and media content for it. You have also asked one of your ex-girlfriends to proofread your article : )

What now?

The biggest dilemma of a marketers life is to get the best mileage from their content. Buzzsumo has done analysis on 1 million posts and released their analysis that 50% of the blog post or web content receives only 8 social shares.

Can you imagine? If you have spent more than 20 hours of your life and created a piece of content and in return, you received only 8 shares. Well, I will get a gun and shoot myself in the head if that happens to me.

My personal experience says that the core problem lies in content distribution. You should create a content marketing strategy so that you can achieve the best results. Instead, marketers only focus on the quality of content.

Have you ever heard of 80/20 rule?

Well its so famous because it clearly states that a content marketer should spend 20% of the time on creating content. And 80% of the time on Distribution.

Afterall you are creating your content with a goal right. If your content does not achieve your goals than; what is the point of creating the content?

If you follow the 80/20 rule of thumb. Then you will see getting more efficient in writing your content as well as receiving more shares. 

In order to get better mileage, I have listed three tips below:

  1. Increase Your Content Distribution Network

You have already done your user research. You know who is your targetted audience. But the only thing you probably have not done is researching who is going to promote your content.

I understand that people whom you hire to promote your content will do it because of monetary benefits. But what if I say that you could achieve the same results by just adding some emotional idea to your content and recruit people who are interested in your topic of writing.

Afterall what really matters is how far your content goes, isn’t it?

Most marketers have a strong presence online. Will hundreds of facebook page likes and thousands of twitter followers. But what if no one from your follower’s list shares your content?

It sucks… isn’t it?

So before winning share, you must broaden your network with like-minded people who believe in your idea.

I have listed some steps for you which will help you to increase your network by tenfold:

  1. Joining LinkedIn groups: You can join groups on Linkedin related to your niche.
  2. Reach out to Bloggers: You can reach out to fellow bloggers via emails and request to share your content.
  3. Personal Touch: You can keep a diary of contacts you make face to face in events you attend and approach them for content distribution.
  4. Join communities: You can join communities like Reddit, Facebook Groups, Forums etc. online.

Tip: Ask people you want to add into your network to provide you with there RSS feed. Connect the feed into Sprout Social. This will automatically tweet out their newest posts. Make sure you attach a prefix of “via @YOUR_CONTACT_TWITTER_HANDLE” so that they’ll get notifications every time Sprout Social share their posts.

  1. Guest Posting With a Goal

The first question a beginner marketer could ask is why should I bother with guest posting. I mean I have done all the research and put lots of efforts in order to get this content ready. Why would I give it to someone else and let Google think that they are doing a good job instead of publishing it on my own blog?

Well, the answer is; even the digital world believes in collaboration. If Google see’s that multiple blogs are linking back to your blog. This means you have written an important piece of content. Hence google might give you some extra credits for that. This will help you increase your Google Ranking.

On the other hand, if you publish your content on someone else blog then readers of that blog might come and visit your online real estate. Which means more exposure.

Basically its a win-win situation for both. You get more exposure and the blogger gets fresh content.

I have seen that many bloggers who accept guest posts will promote your content on their social media. This will bring you more mileage online, meaning you reach out to a wider audience.

Brian Dean’s who is one of the well known online marketer written a guide about guest posting. In that guide, he said that backlinks aren’t everything. While you certainly want to point people back to your website with a backlink. What matters is the authority and credibility you build from that guest post. Could result in the creation of a long-term relationship with the blogger instead of just a link.

Here is a video where Brian has explained one of his content marketing case study:

But what if I tell you finding opportunities and reaching out to them is not as difficult as it looks like in the above video.

What if I tell you that there is a place where you could just select your niche category and find of lots of online guest posting opportunity with just one click.

Yes, there is an online portal which enables bloggers to get good content from online marketers and vice versa.

Tip: Just create a content strategy and distribute content online via iDistribute.

  1. Content Republishing Hubs

When you think of widening your wings of content distribution. The idea of spreading your blog content beyond the realm of your portal seems very clunky. But when you get a message or notification on your Linkedin Account saying: Your friend has posted a new blog post. You start thinking.

Well, how come he is using this tactic and I am not?

Lets first start understanding why you should use the republishing platform. I am going to discuss Linkedin Here:

  1. LinkedIn now has over 500 million members.
  2. 260 million LinkedIn users are logging in each month.
  3. 40% of monthly active users
  4. 61 million LinkedIn users are senior level influencers
  5. Only 3 million users share content weekly.

Is this sufficient to convince you to use Linkedin in your content distribution strategy? NO have a look at this question below:

Social Media Channel

Hence marketers taking the same approach to republish there content on Linkedin. They also use the portals like:

  1. Medium
  2. LinkedIn
  3. WordPress
  4. Tumblr

Tip: on medium, you can actually make money by writing quality and engaging content:

Engaging Content

How Your Content Distribution is Planned?

By reading my article you might have already understood that. To achieve your goals with your content distribution strategy you need to figure out online real estate where you can publish your content. Which means a plan in place which will help you to reach the wider audience.

What is your content distribution platforms? Are there any tools which I haven’t listed in this article? Please feel free to reach out to me below in comments.

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