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Top 10 Reasons of Using WordPress for Developing a Business Website

Top 10 Reasons of Using WordPress for Developing a Business Website

WordPress has become one of the most popular and widely accepted blogging platforms. Introduced back in the year 2003 as a simple and universal blogging site, it has come a long way. Presently, it has emerged as one of the most preferred and dominant open source web development platform.


If you are toying with the idea of building a new site, here are some reasons you should consider using a WordPress website design:


  1. Cost Effective


With a platform like WordPress, you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket for building a website. The process is extremely cost-effective. Additionally, running and maintenance expense is comparatively cheap. There’s no need to hire a website developer each time you need to update site content.


  1. Update Anywhere Anytime!


With a WordPress Theme Website, it is easier to changes to your site anywhere you are and at any time. All you need is access to the Internet.


  1. Search Engine Optimization Ready


WordPress is 100% SEO friendly. WP websites have simple and continuous codes making them perfect for Google indexing. You can easily optimize contents for each page which gives you complete control over pages you wish to rank high in search engines.


  1. Increased Security


Hiring experienced and skilled WordPress web designers and developers will help you to improve the security of your site and even make it hack-proof. This may not be possible with traditional sites.


  1. Easier and Smoother Social Media Integration


This is one of the major benefits of using a WordPress Theme Website. It promises seamless integration with social networks. There’s absolutely no need to login to your social media accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Google+ one by one. The site will automatically allow your social networking community to get news about latest content updated for them.


  1. Easier Syndication


This is an efficient way to earn inbound links to your business website. Each time you post a new blog entry, it will automatically reach to an RSS feed. This makes it very easy for others to syndicate content across directories and various other websites.


  1. Easier Switch between Designers


This may or may not be necessary. However, unless you want to be really loyal to your website developer/designer or the design firm, there will be many firms or designers you wish to work with on your website. Earlier, the task was really tough because each firm or designer has their own preferred platform. Now, WordPress designing and development run on a universal, open source platform. This makes it very easy for you to gain transition from one firm or designer to another.


  1. Responsive Web Design


This is the need of today. Most people prefer using mobile phones for accessing the World Wide Web. A WordPress website design has a responsive web structure. You don’t need to integrate a new technology or create separate websites for varied devices.


  1. Upgrade Website


It is easy to add new features and functionalities with a WordPress site. You can have plugins that are easier to install. Additionally, the WordPress community is active. Hence, if you wish to add a new feature to your website, you may get documents from other WP users.


  1. Dynamic Content Marketing


Online marketing is important these days. WordPress theme website will have an edge over the traditional sites in this respect. It is easier to update content of your website frequently without going through numerous complicated steps. You can even update design of your website easily which makes it an ideal platform for strategic campaigns. Regular updates of your content will help you and your firm to build credibility in your niche.