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Top 10 Website Design And Development Best Practices For 2019

Top 10 Website Design And Development Best Practices For 2019

Worried about the website design trends that will prevail this year? Well, there are certain practices deemed as ‘absolute essentials’ by experts. Here’s a checklist for best website practices consider in 2019:


  1. A Website that Loads Fast


This is no brainer! No one has enough time to wait for a website to load. So this year, only websites that load super-fast on all devices will thrive.


  1. Mobile Ready


Is your website mobile ready? If the answer is no, the year 2019 might not give you enough benefits. With nearly everyone using smart devices, it has become very crucial to develop a highly engaging, mobile-friendly (responsive) design. This means your audiences should be able to access the site from wherever they wish to and whenever they want.


  1. Enable Tracking


Make sure your website is tracking enabled. This is the best way to determine that your website is performing just as it should. The final design must include crucial functionalities for estimating key indicators like goals, conversions, traffic, etc.


  1. Passionate about SEO


The year 2019 still can’t have enough of SEO. So it is advised not to underestimate the power of website optimization for the target audience and browsers. The process should involve developing highly enthralling, readable content for your fans. As far as search engines are concerned, take extra care to include all crucial on-page SEO tags and elements such as XML sitemaps and schema.


  1. Enabled CMS


Recognizing the power of content is very important for you as a web developer. So make sure you focus on publishing fresh, original content regularly. This will attract the attention of the target audience and deliver instrumental, long-term digital marketing impetus. You must integrate a back-end Content Management System to your website design to help clients post and edit their content as required.


  1. Conversion Optimized


If you have a conversion-centric client, you must focus on implementing tools for developing campaign landing pages into website design. These landing pages will keep your readers moving through website without any hurdles. The pages will also instruct them on how to schedule an appointment, make requests for a demonstration of a specific product, and buying.


  1. Email Marketing


Love it or hate it, email marketing is still a trend. The trend continues through the year 2019. Additionally, it is a highly effective thing. Email capture form of a website must be in perfect sync with the email marketing system of client. This ensures smooth access and connection.


  1. Social Media


This area is immensely powerful. Hence, as a web developer, you must not leave any chance to leverage its power. Make sure you integrate all relevant social media platforms within the design. This will allow all users to access social media pages without any difficulty. It broadens reach of a brand and increases traffic and visibility.


  1. Pure Focus on Security


Whether it is 2019 or 2050, on-site security should always remain the greatest priority for web developers. Each design should include fundamental security and privacy protocols. For instance, it should include all basic security checks, proper protection protocols for clients, and severe security measures for user data.

So security will remain the most crucial and uncompromised part of web development guidelines.


  1. Progressive Web Apps


These are a result of passion and dedication displayed by savvy website designers towards the influence of apps on mobile media platforms. This motivated them to efficiently blend best of web and app features into a hybrid – Progressive Web Apps.


So you can expect to see these Progressive Web Apps everywhere in 2019. If you are a web developer, make sure you include a wide range of features into the design. Some of the best options may include push notifications, splash screens, animated page transitions etc. This will help uplift overall UX.

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