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Top 5 Ways to Merge Social Media into Website

Top 5 Ways to Merge Social Media into Website
In today’s modern age social media has immense power and yes, it also holds that power over your business.

If not used correctly it can tarnish both your business but if implemented in the right way, it will enhance your trading and bring in a huge amount of profits. Brands spend a lot of time in promoting their goods/services in social media platforms but they often make the classic mistake of not showcasing their main weapon –yes, their website. You should make it your priority to make social media and your website collaborate together market your online brand. Consult a search engine optimization provider if you are absolutely clueless on how to go about this. Following are the top 5 ways to merge social media into your website and pave the way for success.

Provide Social Login:

Most of the users favor social log in into a website because it is much more convenient and easy for them than giving out their email address and creating a new account every time they want to use a particular site. So, make it a point to offer social log in your website and make the visitor’s experience an enjoyable one as that will ultimately lead to an increase in your website registration conversions and retention. Since Facebook is the most popular social networking site today, its usage in an ecommerce store is beneficial since research has proved that statistically social sign in users have a tendency to spend more time on your website and buy more compared to users without a social log in.

Use Analytics:

You can understand the way in which your prospective buyers are using your social media buttons by taking the help of Google Analytics. Once you tap into that, you will get a fair idea of how many people are actually making a click on your outbound social media links.  It would be fairly easy for you to know this by setting up the feature of Event Tracking in your Google Analytics section. In case you are not familiar with how to set it up, Google Analytics helps you by providing certain guidelines which tell you how to include the correct codes in your site.

Social Videos:

Most people prefer to view than read because the former takes much less time and concentration than the latter. So it would be wise of you to make use of this fact and add this feature in your website. You can make your customer’s job easier by creating how to videos which would give them a rough idea on using a particular product. Also make sure that you make the video engaging and not monotonous with witty lines as this would give you a smart edge over your competitors.

Share User Generated Content:

Most of the content revolving around your business is created by loyal customers sharing photos, videos and texts. Sometimes if the customer is unhappy and not satisfied with the service you have provided they might use the same means to generate negative content. Try to utilize the positive content by using services like Olapic, Pixlee, and Curalate and highlight the positive content in an appealing manner into your website.

Instagram Following:

Instagram Social MediaThis particular social media application can be used to your utmost benefit by creating an account in the name of your website there and putting up pictures of services/goods and consequently including those picture sin your website. Also, if it’s your intention to get more followers then including these photos is a sure way to make that happen.

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