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Ways to Get Best Reviews on Social Media

Ways to Get Best Reviews on Social Media

Social media is undeniably important if you are trying to market your business on the web.

Some of the biggest platforms (think Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) are avenues for people to connect in a way that was simply impossible less than a few decades ago.

Now, if you want to get a business noticed online you have to get involved in social media because it’s your only hope for a broader online marketing campaign through online word of mouth.

On social media, it is essential you protect and enhance your business’ reputation and for this you may need to keep an eye on the reviews you get online. So here are our top tips for getting the best reviews on social media:

  1. Respond to online reviews

Always respond to people who have taken the time to get in touch and interact with your business profile on a social media platform. This is true regardless of whether the review was positive or negative. People will always appreciate a quick and firm response from the company they have had an experience with. All your efforts and potential will be wasted if you don’t pay attention to the reviews you get online. People appreciate honesty and by showing them you are actively trying to resolve issues and take criticism, you will be setting up your business to have a stellar reputation with customers.

  1. Encourage customer feedback and Resolve customer issue

Online Review

Always interact with customers in a way that gets them to offer feedback or public responses. This could be a simple gesture, such as a request that comes in the packaging of the box you send out. Getting a few people to review the product will have a knock-on effect and more people will be willing to submit reviews once they know you respond and others have had their issues resolved.

  1. Social Networking Sites

You can, of course, hire a social media agency or simply use some form of review management software when you are working on these social media sites. Getting people to respond means you have to always be available and that could require a little software assistance.

  1. Post as often as possible.

Stay up to speed with all the latest offerings out there and talk about the issues that matter the most to you. Getting a following online is as simple as getting an audience to listen to what you say and that means you’ll have to remain fresh when you interact with social media users. Post new content as often as you can and make sure it is good quality stuff delivered at the right time of the day.

  1. Offer trial versions

Some reviews are worth more than others and to get these you may have to get in touch with the most persistent users with the widest following online. Give these key influencers a free trial version, or, if you can afford it, keep a free trial version for everyone who interacts with your products and services. The freemium model is popular simply because it works so well.

  1. Make It Easy to Leave Reviews

Loads of people are more than willing to leave reviews and the customers who enjoyed your services may be very enthusiastic about getting on social media and talking about their experience. But all this can go nowhere if you haven’t made it easy for people to interact with your business online. If people cannot leave their comments and reviews in a visible and easy way, they won’t. Spend some time thinking about the way your page is laid out and get some expert to help you make things easier.

Online Reviews

  1. Create an integrated social media strategy

There are so many different platforms and ways to interact with people online that it could all seem a little bit overwhelming. Don’t let the different platforms confuse you and throw off your online strategy. Get some help with either an agency or software provider who can help you manage the social media platforms together. Consider web tools like IFTT or tweetbot or even a review management software to get you going and keep the online presence updated.

  1. Optimize your social media accounts

If you really want to encourage people to treat your business seriously, you have to start taking the online presence seriously. Finely tune all your social media accounts and keep them updated throughout. Have your accounts set up in a way that looks crisp, professional and inviting. This will encourage more people to not just visit you online, but also interact there and keep the online word of mouth alive.

  1. Provide a benefit to your audience

Many of the best business moves require a small push and then they grow on their own. You may need to push a bit to get your ball rolling but once you do, there really can’t be any looking back. So, to attract reviews initially when no one else is, offer small incentives to people who are willing to take the time and make the effort to leave a review of your product for everyone to see. This honest and straightforward review could help your business a great deal, so offering some incentive to a group of your initial customers is really no big deal.


  1. Keep a track

Finally, the best way to keep your business improving is by keeping an eye on the reviews that you get on your website organically. The people who review your products are all trying to say something and using this information could do you and your business a massive favor. Change what needs to be changed and work on your weaknesses once you realise a majority of the reviewers are trying to say something. Start looking for other ways to encourage people to try out your product and show them the positive reviews you’ve had in the past. This will help you gain new customers.

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