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Web Design Questions Companies Should Ask Client

Web Design Questions Companies Should Ask Client

As a web design company, your job is to satisfy your client with the professional design skills of your designers, the clients mostly approach with uncertainty and generally have no idea how his/her website should look like.


As a designer, you will have hundreds of amazing ideas circulating in your mind. When you hit the right one, you can’t wait to create a masterpiece that is unique and furnished with your own blend of styles and colors.


However, before finalizing the deal, don’t forget to ask these questions to simplify things up and have clear understandings of the whole project. Otherwise, you may end up in a scenario where you will see a complete and comprehensive picture from your end, but there could be a difference in the client’s perspective.


What your business is all about?


A complete understanding of the client’s business is significant to deliver the best from your side.  If you are not fully aware with the business domain of your client, you may be screwed up with the client’s desire to modify things.


Things like the business history, which products they make or which services they provide, will help you out throughout the designing process.  You can schedule a meeting with client and can jot down every necessary detail of his/her business because slightest misunderstanding can create a nuisance for you.


Do you already have any online presence?


If a client owns a website then it is an excellent opportunity to grab essential company’s information from there.  Does he/she want to revamp existing site or having intention of creating a new one? If the existing site is having some flaws and need improvements, ask your client to give some time for giving it a fresh outlook with new features.  But, first ask the client what are his/her end goals and what he suggest.


Who is your target audience?


target audience


Every website is designed with a target audience in mind. The target customers are the end users of the website, so it is significant to ask for the perfect strive. The scope of a website is based on the users of the website, so without having knowledge about them may lead you to uncertainty and you will end up targeting the wrong audience.


Every element of the website design should be appealing and have a sole purpose of assisting the target audience. The major design components should target the most productive areas of your website. 


You can ask for general question like the demographics, psychographics and interests of the target audience. Creating a tailored content according to the user preferences is beneficial for a sustainable traffic flow.


Who are your competitors?


These days, it is crucial for any small to large-scale business to have an eye on their competitors. Similarly, before starting a web-designing project, do ask for the competitors to get inspiration and observe what they lack on their websites. So, when you create your client’s website you can cover those designing aspect and come up with a website higher in quality. 


Inspecting competitor’s website can surely help your client’s website stand out from others.


Are you inspired from any website?


Besides your competitor’s website, don’t forget to get web designing ideas from other websites. Ask your client if he is influenced by some websites. It is nice to get a reference from three to four websites, if he is uncertain, you can explore on your own.


Look what is trendy and loved the most by users. Observe the patterns, styles, spacing and overall structure of the websites.


Determine how they have manifested the menu bar, sidebars and footers and which animations look more adorable. 


How your company is different from others?


company owns unique values


Every company owns unique values and has traditions that differ from others. You can feature it in your web design and can make the website stand out from others. Also, bear in mind how users will approach the website. Which features and functionalities will help them solving their queries.


Which elements and features do you want in your website?


Most clients show up with their own preferences and have a clear image of what their web design should look like. This is beneficial for any designer because he/she can save effort of searching ideas across the web. The alluring features help in engaging the audience and embellish the outlook of the overall website. Make sure these features resonate with your web design goals and are enticing for your audience. 


Final Words


Making a web design is a daunting process when you don’t have essential details and specific directions to follow. It is necessary to ask for all the related information before initiating the project. Most of the times, the client has clear understandings of the project and can guide you in many ways. Make sure to meet or call your client first and ask all the necessary questions to save your trouble later.


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Bilal Imtiaz is an Online Marketing Specialist with 1 year of experience in Digital Media and is currently SEO Executive at Unitedsol, a leading e-commerce web design and Web development Company. Over the years, Unitedsol has successfully delivered projects in Magento, WordPress, WooCommerce, Joomla and other CMS/shopping cart platforms. 

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