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Why Is Blogging Important from the Perspective of Business Growth and Marketing?

Why Is Blogging Important from the Perspective of Business Growth and Marketing?

The big question that may arise in the minds of people thinking of doing blogging is- “Is Blogging still a relevant and reliable method in today’s Social Media Marketing (SMM) dominated environment?”


The answer, as always has been, is “YES”. Blogging plays a crucial role in business growth and even in developing a better perception of your brand among the general public. Blogging can be a perfect way to enhance inbound marketing, drive traffic and even to retain visitors (reduce the bounce rate).


Blogging, unlike many of the new online marketing and branding trends, has been present for a long time. It is even considered by many as social media before the emergence of social media itself.


Blogging also has grown according to time. Before, people used blogs as a platform to share their thoughts and experiences with their minimal following. But now, it has grown into something really big and powerful. Today, from individuals to biggest organizations all use blogging methods excessively to promote themselves.


All businesses existing today have their own websites. Business owners will have even invested a hefty amount to get their respective websites up and running. However, if the information isn’t being put out there, your page/website will be lost in the ever growing internet and your business will not be shown in the search engines.


This is why blogging is as important as ever in today’s context. Here, we have listed some important reasons on why blogging is necessary:


Importance of Blog in SEO infographics


  1. Drives traffic to your website.


One of the first reasons people blog today is because it directly helps to generate online traffic in their websites or web pages. It is through blogging that people can constantly put forward amazing content so that viewers will be attracted towards the brand.


Not only that, but the process of using and inserting relevant keywords related to your niche, industry or product is also most effectively done through blogging.


While blogging, just thinking about ranking and inserting keywords may even back-fire. Blogging should be done in such a manner that brings you closer towards the customers by creating relevant, friendly and passionate content.


Blogs should also be shared on the social media platforms available as it will help in generating interested viewers towards your product or services. Posting inbound links in blog articles is also very crucial and popular as it helps in driving traffic in specific landing pages and lowers the bounce rate.


  1. More SEO!


Blogging activities directly or indirectly will be helping in your overall SEO campaign. Despite all the tricks and gimmicks SEO offers us, fresh content is always going to play a key factor in being ranked and beating the competition in SERPs.


Blogging helps in optimizing of one’s website and web pages and aids in making your website visible in search engine results. Your blog will give you a golden opportunity to be visible to searchers in the web and drive traffic organically.


Blogging should also be done strategically in order to get the results and improve SEO work. Blogging should be done in topics related to your brand’s and your service’s niche. Importance of selecting titles, keywords and phrases become more important in blogging when you see from an SEO point-of-view.


  1. Focus on Customers and Relationships


Blogs are the source from which we can deepen the connection with the customers. The clients connect directly with you website through your blogs. This gives you a chance to connect with clients and make them know about the brand and product from comfort of your online home base.


Blogging can help build trust among your customers as you will be becoming a source of information they trust and follow on a regular basis. People like to be informed about various related topics and your blogs provide exactly that to the people who are interested in your industry and your services.


Through the comment sections in the blog posts, one can even get insights about the ever-changing needs, demands, likes and dislikes, etc. of the client-base. Blogging adds a human-like element in your digital presence and helps or gain trust and credibility.


  1. Show your expertise in your industry:


Blogging in the most effective way for companies to put forward their ideas, knowledge and information about their industry or topics from other relevant fields. Also, as only those people view your blogs who are interested in your services, blogging should be given extra focus on.


Feedbacks can be got from which one can further improve and grow their brand. If you can allure and attract visitors through the blogs, a natural connection and relation will have been built with the regular visitors which will help in sales too.


  1. Build a brand and drive long-term results:


Branding is the main focus for all businesses implementing or involving in digital marketing practices. Everyone wants to stand out from the rest and be seen. Blog provides a place to create unique, interesting and attractive content to grab attention of others while also showcasing the values of your brand.


Just like in the entire digital marketing scheme, blogging is also a field that will provide you with long-term results. For this one should create and maintain awesome blog first. If audiences can dig-deep and find value in your contents, then there is high chance they will purchase from you, be it at present or any time in the future.


Once the hard word is done, its benefits can be reaped anytime. Hence, even if blogging may be a tedious and time-consuming process for most, it is crucial from a growth and marketing perspective.


The Bottom Line


Blogging is a must and a vital part of the digital marketing strategy. It is cost effective and yields results in terms of positive ROI.


If you haven’t put much focus in blogging, it’s time to go all in! It is one of the best marketing techniques available for all and even if this takes a lot of time, dedication and grit, results will definitely be visible if you blog consistently.